The International Association of Judo Researchers are proud to announce:

VII IAJR International Judo Research Symposium

22 August 2011

Hotel Novotel Bercy, 85 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France


Time Activity
0900 – 0930 Registration
0930 – 0935 Welcome from the President of the IAJR, Dr Mike Callan
0935 History of Judo oral presentations commence
0935 – 0955 The history of Dan system for female JudoPresenter: Associate Professor Noriko Mizoguchi. Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Japan
0955 – 1015 Gunji KoizumiPresenter: Dr Mike Callan. Anglia Ruskin University. England
1015 – 1035 History of International JudoPresenter: Professor Michel Brousse. l’Université de Bordeaux 2. France
1035 – 1055 Dr Shigeyoshi MatsumaePresenter: Professor Yasuhiro Yamashita. Tokai University. Japan
1055 – 1115 Questions
1130 – 1230 Poster Presentations. Researchers and visitors are free to browse the posters, and continue through lunchtime.
1230 – 1415 Lunch
1415 Return to Conference Room
1430 Science of Judo oral presentations commence
1430 – 1450 Disabled people and the Potential of JudoPresenter: Professor Takeshi Nakajima. Kokushikan University. Japan
1450 – 1510 Specific Exercise Testing in judo athletesPresenter: Ms Elena Pocecco. University of Innsbruck. Austria
1510 – 1530 Modelling judo grip contest and simulationsPresenter: Professor Michel Calmet. Université de Montpellier 1. France
1530 – 1550 The performance of Explosive Muscular Actions of the Lower Body in Judo AthletesPresenter: Professor Luis Montiero. Lusofona University. Portugal.
1550 – 1610 Questions
1610 – 1630 Prizegiving and Conclusion
1630 – 1730 IAJR General Assembly

Download full programme below including list of posters:

Programme VII International Judo Research Symposium

The IAJR is now accepting proposals for participation in this event.

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Call for Programmes application form


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