Our research is divided into three main groups:

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Rio de Janeiro, 2007.

Please, find bellow all researches presented throughout the 5th International Judo Federation World Research Symposium.
5Th International Judo Federation World Research Symposium
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007.

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The University of Bath has some information on referencing: Reference and bibliography.

Research that is totally unique to the University of Bath is a collection of Judo related material called the Bowen Collection, so named after its creator and donator Richard Bowen.

Richard Bowen was the author of more than 80 articles, and he built up an extensive Judo collection in the course of research for his articles and books. The collection contains a wide range of material relating to Bowen’s extensive research into the origins and history of British Judo and its early exponents in preperation for a book on the subject. The collection includes posters, tournament and display programmes, minutes of meetings, working drafts, correspondance and photo’s assembled from various sources. A collection of the papers and correspondance of Richard Bowen (1926 – 2005), Judoka and sports historian was kindly donated to the University of Bath in January 2004 by Mr Bowen himself.

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