6th International Science of Judo Symposium

25th August, Rotterdam

Due to the overwhelming response by research specialists around the world in 1999 (Birmingham, England), 2001 (Munich, Germany), 2003 (Osaka, Japan), 2005 (Cairo, Egypt) and 2007 (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL), the International Association of Judo Researchers is pleased to announce the 6th International Science of Judo Symposium. The World Research Symposium will be held prior to the 2009 World Judo Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Tuesday, 25 August 2009.

The World Research Symposium will include research symposia, oral presentations, and poster presentations of research. This document is the first call for programs for the 2009 World Research Symposium.

All sessions will consist of presentations of scholarly works related to judo. Presentations may involve any scholarly work related to any aspect of judo. Such areas may include, but are not limited to, topics related to the sport aspect of judo, including exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, injury rehabilitation, rest and recovery, nutrition, and the like. Topics may also include any area of judo history, philosophy, culture, or values as well.

Proposals for all sessions will be considered for inclusion in the program if they are received by the date specified below. The final schedule shall include proposals accepted for presentation as well as an invited program.

As in the past, the IAJR is pleased to announce that it will present awards to at least three outstanding presentations and projects based on originality, methodology quality, clarity, and contribution to judo.

The conference is a primary international biennial forum for researchers, students and international delegates working in topics relating to Judo.  In 2009, the Symposium will be held before the 2009 IJF Senior World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The event is mainly organised by the IAJR and the University of Bath, in the United Kingdom. This year we are pleased to announce a partnership with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Symposium will provide an excellent environment for participants to meet fellow academic professionals, students and international delegates, to enhance communication, exchange and cooperation of most recent research, education, and application on relevant fields. It also provides a friendly platform for students, academics and other professionals to establish new networks by facilitating communication with each other.

The IAJR expects  to have an increase by 50% on the number of delegates, 30% on oral presentations and 40% on poster presentations during the Symposium in Rotterdam compared with the previous event in Brazil. During the 6th edition of this event, it will be presented a new feature: A round table composed by 3 presenters who will discuss an issue affecting contemporary Judo.

The tradition of awards will be maintained, and this year,  awarded presentations will be rewarded with an opportunity for publication on international scientific journals.


International Association of Judo Researchers
Erasmus University Rotterdam


University of Bath
Solidarity of International Judo Education
European Judo Union
International Judo Federation
Judo Bond Nederland
Rotterdam TopSport

Call from Programmes (PDF)


Symposium Report (PDF)